21st February 2010

Keeping up to date.

After a flurry of newsletters at the beginning of this month I had a few people asking that I keep the newsletters to a minimum. I mentioned this in a blog post and had a similar number of emails saying to keep the newsletters coming. So – in the spirit of compromise, I’ve added a second newsletter!

The existing newsletter (this one) will be released no more than once a week. If you’d prefer to keep up to date with new stuff as soon as it’s added to the website you can sign up for the new Workshop Notes Update newsletter. Workshop Notes Update will be sent out whenever the website is updated with a maximum of one a day. Sign up at the link or on the Workshop Notes page

You can of course, sign up for both if you want!

For the tech savvy, I’ve also added an RSS feed.

Cardboard Engineering Source Book – Download a free sample project!

Check out the website to download a free sample project from the Cardboard Engineering Source Book. This 55 page ebook is aimed at people who teach and people who want to learn! The book centres around ten extendable cardboard engineering projects which introduce many mechanisms, from simple cams to crank sliders and swash plate.
The eBook, described by the Times Education Supplement as “a huge boost to mechanisms work in schools” has everything you need to get you started designing your own models.
More details…

The printed version of this book is available on sister site www.flying-pig.co.uk

Some of the models available in the store.
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Schrodinger’s Cat



Too Much Coffee

Dog Ate My Homework

Stellated Solids


Caffeine Molecule

Combination Lock

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