The zoetrope is a device for displaying animations first developed in the 19th century. A cylinder is spun, slots in the side of the cylinder reveal the animated image displayed on the inside of the cylinder. 

TrishJoyce has posted about zoetropes in the forum. It stuck me that the Turning Turtle project would be a perfect way to drive a zoetrope. By using an interchangeable drive it should be possible to make a zoetrope that shows a choice of animations.

In the comments section of my Indecisive Sheep post I was reminded of lots of project I'd touched on in the past. I always write down ideas but tend to have a few notebooks on the go at once. Different shapes and sizes of notebook for different occasions. I don't have a central repository of future projects. Not until now, that is. I'm planning on adding a new button on the right linking to Future Project posts starting with this one. This will have the dual advantage of keeping projects in mind (I'd forgotten all about the all seeing eye!) and allowing you to leave comments about them.