This website is based on the Drupal content management system. Drupal is currently on version seven and heading rapidly toward version eight. I'm still using version six so I'm working in the background preparing things for an update.

While I'm upgrading there are a couple of features I'd like to add. One of the problems I've been coming up against more and more is the handling of different version of the same mechanism. Take for example the scotch yoke which I recently posted. In the process of developing the flex robot model I have made a couple of small improvements to the design. I'll be posting these improvements shortly but don't want to go back to the older design and edit them, I'd rather leave the originals for posterity and create a new entry for the new design. Once the new version is up, that will be three version of the scotch yoke mechanism. How best to give access to all the various versions of mechanisms?

Here's my plan at the moment – see what you think.

For each mechanism design (and only for mechanisms) I will have a link at the top of the page bringing up a history page showing all the various versions, blog posts and animations of that particular design. You, the visitor, will then be able to select the version of the project that most suits your needs. I'm pretty sure that I can automate the entire process from my end, a vital step if I am to be able to keep all the various links up to date. The result would look something like this graphic. 

The downloadable projects will be highlighted and related posts listed in chronological order.

What do you think? Email me or leave your comments below.