webI've been working on xor-goat and doing webwork today. I had the laptop set up with the website dev in the front room and the main computer in the office with Illustrator and the scissors and glue at the ready. I then spent the day moving back and forth between the two working on both at once. Two points:

1) Who said men can't multi-task?

2) I'm really living my life on the edge!

As you can see I'm making changes to the front page, I'm hoping to make everything more accessable. Comments welcome as always. Thought you don't need to point out that I look slightly deranged in the photo.

Just a quick note. I may get cut off from email access. The local bridge that has been in the news is in imminent danger of collapse. This is the bridge that I cross everyday on the school run so it's meant a huge detour and hours in the car. The other problem is that the main phoneline at our village is routed across the bridge. If When the bridge collapses we'll be cut off from the internet! Noooooo! The website will be okay as it is hosted elsewhere but I won't be able to access email or update the website. I'm going into town tomorrow to see if I can sort out some sort of mobile solution. Wish me luck!