There are three main parts to the Watch-mouse model. The box, where the mechanism is housed, the cheese and of course, the mouse. The box was an existing design being the oscillator mechanism I'd  posted before.

The cheese was fairly easy to lay out as everything is straight and geometrical. I decided against a curved back to the cheese just to keep things simple. I completed the layout in illustrator as a single piece and completed it with a bit of colour

The mouse was slightly more complicated. I created the original shape with my usual technique of cutting up bits of card and gluing them together, cutting bits off, bending things and gluing more bits on. Once I was happy with the design I cut it up and laid it flat on my scanner. 

I imported the image into Illustrator and traced it. The tidied up pieces below are ready to print out. Notice that the body is a single piece. 

I then glued the pieces together resulting in this rather handsome fellow.

Next step, a bit of colour in the box.