I knew that today was going to be a busy family day, lots of traipsing about delivering #1 Son here and #1 Daughter there, with that is mind I thought I'd finish off the Twitter Box from yesterday rather than tackling the few remaining issues in the grasshopper escapement project. 

I've got to this point and its looking, and sounding, good.

There are a couple of changes that I need to make to the way the tabs on the box ends are lined up so I'll need to put it together one more time. I think I'll probably change the art work a little as well. Once done I'll do a YouTube clip – it's a sound based model so it needs that extra dimension. That'll all have to be tomorrow though because after one more trip to collect #1 Daughter, True Love and I are going out for Tapas with friends. Ah – the joys of family life 🙂