Despite the early success of the single action pendulum model I thought I'd see just how fast a foot could tap using a double acting pendulum. One where the pendulum lifts the foot both on a left swing and on a right swing.

The box has a pendulum in it with a horizontal arm on either either side. 

A large hinged flat piece sits on the top of the box, two push rods rest on the pendulum side arms so that the piece lifts for either direction of swing.

I fitted a hinged shoe to a shallower box. The shoe is fitted with a push rod that drops through a hole in the top of the box.

The two parts ready to be joined together.

Double speed tapping!

Below is a YouTube video of both designs in action. I think I'll stick with the single action, the movement works well and the swings last longer, perhaps because their are fewer moving parts.

I'll have a go at fitting legs and body tomorrow.