Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment or send emails about the subscription plan. In the light of all your comments I've made a few changes:

I've dropped the price to £9.95 a year or £5.95 for six months.

When you first subscribe, you'll have access to the two most recent downloadable models for free. (Currently Reindeer Ride and Dog Ate My Homework) this will roll along as new models are introduced. You'll be able to download any new models introduced for the duration of your subscription.

As a subscriber, you're taking a chance that I'll produce new models over the course of the year. The subscription costs about the same as four downloads from the shop. As a guarantee for subscribers, if, for any reason, I don't produce a model in any three month period, I'll send all subscribers a token so that you can download the model of your choice from the shop.

How does that all sound?

The subscriber area is available to join now!