There are two main types of projects on Firstly, there are the complete animated character model like the Giraffe in a Box or the Press-Ups Robot. These models are usually fully coloured and have a completed project with a character performing a little story.

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Four Bar Mech Rack and Pinion Geneva / Crank Rotating Vertical Shaft
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Twister Stepped Rotation Scotch Yoke Ratchet

The other type of project is the starting-point kits. These downloads feature a mechanism or group of mechanisms in a box ready for you to add your own characters. They are the perfect starting point for the maker, hobbiest or student as a spring board for creating your own paper automata.

I’ve collected a few of the mechanisms together here. They are all free to download for members and I’m very happy for them to be used in schools. I suggest a Membership Plus subscription for school. If you are a member you can make as many copies as you need for your class.

I’ve collected together links to some of the recent mechanisms here, follow the links to see them in animated action.

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