I’m working on a couple of Zine ideas which I hope people will be able to print out on a black and white printer. To this end I’ll be making line drawing of parts. Previosuly I have traced pictures using Illustrator but this time I though I would try something new. I’ve tested out my new technique on this image. Having taken the photograph of the part I printed it out onto normal printer paper.

I had already purchased a few of the these LED panel lights for less that $50 for use in my shed. I decided to press this spare one into service as a light box.

The print out goes onto the light box and another piece of paper is placed over the top.

I then traced round the edges of the image with a couple of different thickness fibre pens.

Here’s the finished outline. I dropped this into the scanner and imported the image into Photoshop

A few tweeks and we’re done! What do you reckon?