I've been packing up a batch of ricomplete CDs today. It's a CD of every single project from robives.com ready for you to print out and make. (You can order yours here)

I had a bit of a backlog of orders while I was waiting for new labels to arrive so my apologies if you have been kept waiting. 

This technique is great if you ever need to send a CD or DVD to a friend so I've written a step-by-step below.

I've packed them up and shipped them out using recycled card from old Amazon packaging. (Hey, I like books so I've got loads of old packaging just sitting around waiting to be used.) My post package is made from two squares of card each 140mm to a side. I'm using brown paper tape to seal the packages shut. I recommend a wet sponge for the paper tape rather than trying to lick it if you don't want your tongue glued to the top of your mouth!

Start by sticking a strip of paper tape so that the centre line of the tape is under the edge of one of the sides. Line the string up on the moistened tape next to the card edge.

Fit the other square up next to the first so that there is a 1mm gap between the two and seal the string into place with another paper tape strip.

Fold the to parts shut and hang them over a radiator to dry out completely.

Add the CD, paper work and Thank you note 🙂

Fold the two halves shut. Work your way round the three remaining open sides placing the string on the edge then taping it into place.

Finish off by taping the string end down. Cut the string to length so that there is a small end sticking out. Flip the package over and add the address label. The recipient can open the package by grasping the string end and pulling. The string cuts through the tape unzipping the package in a very satisfying way!

Right. I'm off to the post.