Scoring – preparing the crease lines

Sat, 12 Sep 2009

To make sure that your folds are sharp and accurate you'll need to score them. Scoring is the process of making a dent in the card where you want to the fold to be placed. 

There is no one specific tool for scoring, the point of a pair of scissors works well, so long as the scissors aren't too sharp. You could also use an empty ballpoint pen or the end of a metal nail file.

Run the point of your chosen instrument along the line you want to score. Press down but make sure you don't cut through the card. Use a ruler if you are scoring a straight line.

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  • Leonora December 11, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    Hi Rob,
    I have just joined as

    Hi Rob,

    I have just joined as a member, and am browsing and reading and downloading bits and pieces.

    …. and came upon this entry. It so happens that there IS a specific tool for scoring: it is a bookbinder's tool, and is called a bone folder. It is usually made out of bone, as you might guess, and it is used for scoring paper and cardboard and for pressing down folds in paper.

    Unlike scissors and other sharp tools, it will not damage your material.

    It is a very commonly used tool, and available from (online) shops that sell bookbinding and/or art supplies.

    Wow, I'd never come across them! I did a search online and found a few different ones, I've ordered one from Amazon and will report back when it arrives! Thanks Leonora! – RI

  • jstormes April 24, 2016 at 8:44 am

    I use an old fashioned butter

    I use an old fashioned butter knife – it will score fine card or thick corregated cardboard equally well.

    For getting into corners I use a bone folder I made from wood – if you buy one the bone or wood ones are better than plastic.

    John Stormes

    Thanks John! – RI

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