The various new pattern papers that I have been adding to the website all have fairly small pattern repeat sizes. What if you want to use larger pattern on the pattern paper? For example, the holly pattern makes a nice paper with leaves printed nearer to actual size of a holly leaf .

Simple! When you print out the paper choose a custom scale in the print box. 250% will print out the pattern two and a half times the original size. You can’t make the patterns smaller, it simply won’t cover the whole sheet, but you can certainly make then bigger.

Normal image files are raster file, the upper image below.. As you zoom in the picture becomes blocky and jagged. Pattern paper printed out from scaled up raster files soon begin to loose their image quality.

Luckily, all the patterned papers I have uploaded are design using vector files. This means that each pattern is made up from straight and curved lines. No matter how close you zoom into them, they remain sharp and crisp! (Lower image)

Two patterned paper printed from the same file printed at different scales.

An icosahedron made from a holly leaf pattern printed at 250%