Time to link together the scotch yoke powered base, the legs and the arms. 

This animation shows one leg in action, obviously I'll be adding a second leg on the other side, I'll probably need to change the size of the leg parts as well to ensure the proportions of the finished model are good.


The arms seem to work well despite having only one tendon each to pull them upwards. Gravity handles the reverse trip just fine.
The next step is to join the body and legs together in a single unit. After which I need to spend a bit of time working on proportions of parts, for example, the body looks a bit over bulky.


As a side note I'm always happy to scavenge good ideas when I see them. I was sent a link to this free paper robot from an online insurance company. One thing I particularly liked was the repeating pattern used in the glue areas. I've recreated the effect here in the glue areas for the flex robot. Nice!