Been on an epic road trip today. Hannibal like, I cross the mountainous Pennines in blizzard conditions. All to fetch a new passport for #1 daughter who is travelling to France at the weekend. But it was not time wasted. I've been thinking about how the shop / exclusive models should work. I want to supply models exclusive to subscribers and I also want to expand the range of models in the store. Some models, eg the Tortoise and the Sundial would make good store models but I really do want a range of exclusives as well; so, this is what I think I'll do:

All new store models will go into the store and into the subscriber's download section at the same time. They'll remain in the subscriber's download section until a new store item is released. That way, subscribers have access to all the models released for the duration of their subscription. Exclusive models will be limited to say ten or twelve models on a rolling basis. As new one's are released, the oldest ones will be retired to the store. I think this'll help to keep everything fresh. Let me know what you think.