Rhino Experiments

Mon, 28 Aug 2017

What paper animal to make next? I fancied making something that can be both standalone and also used as part of an automata model. As is often the case I went to Pinterest in the hunt for inspiration, in this case, I searched for Interesting & Animals and came up with a rhino. Perfect.

I put together the first draft of the model free hand, just card and scissors and a bit of trial and error.

In this version the head is connected to the body via a pair of tabs but these could be swapped out for a pair of poseable joints or a hinge to make it into an automata.


The horn is a cone fastened into place with tabs, I was going to use a second cone for the secondary horn but having tried a piece of double thickness card I decided to go with that as a simpler option.

Once I was happy with the model, I cut it up and unfolded the parts, arranged them in the scanner and scanned.

Next step, drop the scan file into Illustrator and trace out the parts.



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