One of the cool things about drupal, the engine behind my website, it that I can customise the way pages are displayed for different people. 

When I look at the front page it has all sorts extra bits if info so I can see how many people are online (68 at the moment!) who has left a comment, and various bits of debugging information. All the extra stuff is just kind of dumped on the page but it's useful and I thought that some of it might be interesting for everyone. To that end, I've added a 'recent comments' block at the bottom of the front home page. This took much longer to do than it should have done – I had CSS brain fade and got completely stuck after failing to spot a really basic mistake. It was so frustrating going round and round in circle that by the time I'd spotted the mistake I could have danced for joy! Anyway, all working now. Write some comments and see it work!

Friday Morning: I've changed the way the comments look. Less space – more comment and rather than a preview of the text I've put up the title of the post being commented about.