Having worked out a Flat Land version of a rowing boat geometry it is time to try it out in the thrid dimension.
I’m hoping that the end result will be low profile mechanism where the base box is fairly shallow and the boat sits nicely on the top.
From the looks of the animation I’m getting pretty close to what I’m aiming at.

I’ve re-used my crank parts from a previous model using a throw of roughly ten millimeters.

The push rod connected to the crank comes up thorugh a hole in the top of the box. A linkage joins between the push-rod and the box top constraining its movement. The end of the pushrod now travels in a closed curve.

Simple flexible links connect the oars to the top of the push-rod. The oars then simply rest in a couple of ‘V’ shaped rowlocks.

There are a couple of things that need to be changed. The observant among you will have noticed that this image has been flipped, the handle is now on the other side.
everything needs dropping down just a little, the boat is currently floating above the box.
Finally, I think I’ll move the whole of the mechanism perhaps twenty millimeters to the right.