I’m working on an ident for my YouTube video, a quick five second clip where I can add subscription links and links to the site.

I’m using the paper lettering that features on the top of the website homepage. In the original version they are made from hollow paper, I remember the construction being rather tricky and the original parts are long lost so I thought that I’d use corrugated card letters to fill the core of the letters giving each one rigidity.

For each letter I cut out three with the corrugations running vertically and three with the corrugations running horizontally.

I then glued them together in an alternating sandwich.

With a solid core it was much easier to make the 3D paper letters.

I then glued each of the words together making two separate units.


Video Storyboard

Here’s the plan for my five second video.

The word "ives" slides in from the left…

The word "rob" is place on top.

Paperrob comes in from the top lifting up the ".com" flag as his feet touch the floor.

I’ll then complete with a "Subscribe" "Favourite" and "Website" button across the bottom of the screen. Next: filming.