I've been packing up and shipping out the limited edition camzines. They've gone to new homes all round the world! Thanks to everyone who donated. Check here to see if you could still grab a copy!

I've been packing them in recycled amazon packages held shut with brown paper tape. I was a little concerned that once they reached their destination they would be difficult to open. 

After mulling the problem over for a while, here is the solution I came up with.

Starting with a fold of card from an amazon box.

Cut a length of string longer around 50 cm long.  Lay it along the centre fold on the inside of the card.

Fix the string into place with a length of brown paper tape.

Pop the cam-zine into place

Close the card. Line up the string along one edge.

Fix it into place with paper tape.

Repeat the process on the other two open sides so that the string runs round three sides of the package.

Trim the remaining string so that about 4cm are left. Stick the end down with a small piece of tape leaving a little exposed string ready to pull.

Add the address and a stamp. Pop it in the post!

Now the recipient can easily open the package by pulling the string. How's that?!