I’m working on a poseable paper character with similar degrees of movement as the popular Lego characters. As part of the design I am trying to minimise the need to use a sharp knife to make it as simple as possible to make. This post is about the leg design. The tabs at the top of the leg are to provide friction, they are not glued. 

It the top of the legs, waist height, I have used this tube to work as a hip joint.

The long strap on the top of the leg rolls right round the tube and glues to the leg on the other side.

Both legs fit onto the same tube, the friction of the tabs and strap allow them to move independently but stay in the position that they are put.

I’ve then fitted the hip tube into position inside the body gluing the ends of the tube to the insides of the body sides.  To complete the model I’ve added simple shoes…

…arms and a head. This prototype is based on a line drawing file. using coloured card to make the model colourful. Next step is to add colour to the files and some features to the face.