I'm working on a pop up character. Elastic band powered. The character has a head and body, folds flat and pops up when released. The face on the front isn't the final design (!) it is simply there to help with laying out the parts once I've dis-assembled the project for scanning and final design.

I've use two nets like these ones one slightly smaller than the other. The design is based on the pop up cube I made some time ago.

The trouble is, the tension of the elastic band pulls at the corners, peeling them apart.

Time for a redesign.

I've split the sides in half so that the joint is in the middle of the sides rather than on the edges.

That way, the tension will be pulling straight rather along than trying to peel apart.

The single elastic band hooks in the corner of one cube, threads through a hole between the two then hooks onto the other side.

…and the result, the slightly collapsed old model on the left. The new version on the right.