Pendulum power brings a whole new dimension to your paper animations. Touch a pendulum powered model and it comes to life, legs swing, feet tap, heads nod, even after you stop moving the model.

This member's only zine gives the low-down on using pendulums in your paper animations. Like the Lever Zine and Cam Zine before it I have twenty (Only 2 left!) signed and numbered zines printed out ready for the first donations of at least £2 / $3 – visit the donations page here and leave your details if you'd like one!

As a member you can download the file at the link above and print it out onto standard 80g printer paper. Make sure that you set the printer to 'Scale to Fit' so that it fits the whole thing onto the page.

Cut out the page along the thin black line.

Fold the sheet in half running your finger along the fold to make a crisp crease.

Open the page out then fold the two short sides into the middle.

Open up the page then fold the sheet in half long ways.

Open up the paper then use your sharp knife to cut along the fine black line in the middle of the page.

Fold up the sheet in the cross shape shown above.

Then fold it flat to complete the zine.

Da nah!

With the page un-folded the sheet should look like this. Solid lines are cut line, dotted lines are valley folds and dashed lines are hill folds.


Synchronising Metronomes