After visiting my parents for their Golden Wedding Anniversary we are now off down to London for a few days to see the sites. I have my laptop with me so I'll be keeping in touch but I think if I brought my printer and tools and started model making I'd be thrown out of the hotel room by my True Love. To keep you going I'm planning to post a few posts of some of the website highlights from the last year. Starting with: Pendulum Powered Projects. If you are member you'll be able download all of these projects for free! 

Sheep: Pendulum powered nodding sheep. Tap the box and the cute sheep nods wisely. This model is a mechanism powered by a pendulum. It can be used as a starting point for your own automata or you can add the cute nodding sheep character. The download is available for free for members, (thanks you for your support!) None members can download the parts for a modest fee. More details.


Dragonfly: An animated paper model to download and make. Members can download this model for free, non-members can download the parts for a modest fee. The Paper Dragonfly uses a pendulum in the base to power the wings so that they flutter whenever the box is touched. More details.


Wag the Dog: Wag the Dog. The slightest tap on the box and the cute dog wags her tail. If you are a member you can download and make this pendulum powered model for free. None members can download it for a small fee. More details


Butterfly: The Fluttering Butterfly is a pendulum powered model to download, print out and make. Any slight movement of the model make the wings tremble and flap.  Check out the YouTube video on the project page.


Paper Pop: Free for everyone! An animated version of Matt Hawkin's paper toy is available for everyone to download for free. The model is driven by a coin weighted pendulum. Touch the box and Andy's head sways side to side and his legs swing back and forth.  More details