Okay, so it is not technically a sphere but it is close! The shape in question is a truncated icosahedron, the same shape as the Carbon 60 molecule and the old style soccer ball. I used this shape in the paper globe model but I've made a few changes here. The globe model came in two halves and was tricky to glue together. This model is a solution I've come up with to much easier to assemble.  

If you are a member you can download the parts file for free. Print out the parts onto thin card (230 micron / 230 gsm) Score along all the dotted lines as accurately as possible then carefully cut out the two parts.  

Exercise the crease lines then glue the halves together as shown above. Notice that there is a row of hexagon and pentagon tabs right round the edge of the halves. Fold these downwards as shown in the picture.

Match the two halves together by aligning one of the pentagon tabs (the five sides shape) with one of the pentagon faces. Once you have them aligned, interlock all the tabs to link the two halves together.

Work round the shape adding glue under each of the tabs and lining then up accurately with the faces until all the tabs are glued down.

And that s your completed sphere! Much easier to put together than the paper globe!

To complete your joy with the project I've added this coloured patterned version. Enjoy!