Over time, clutter builds up in my workroom. Eventually, I can no longer get thhough the door and the time comes to thin things out a little.  Last week was such a time,  I had a bit of a clear out and took a load of stuff down to the local charity shop. There on the shelf, I spotted these 7″ singles. That set me thinking, and so it was that I returned from the charity shop with a bit more clutter for the office.

I’m finishing off a book project at the moment so this is something for the future but that doesn’t stop me thinking about how the project might work.

I reckon already have the two main parts to make a paper record player. The drive and the horn.

For the drive I can use a modified version of the Mesh Gear Essential Mechanism

The vertical output shaft needs to turn at 45rpm to play a single. If I set the gear ratio to an  8:3 reduction then turning the handle at 120rpm, ie twice a second, will turn the output shaft at the correct speed. A 24 tooth gear on the shaft and a 9 tooth pinion should do the job.

For the horn I can use the form from the Passive Speaker project here…

While I’m finishing the book project I’ll be mulling over how the various other parts fit together. Should be fun!