Paper Pop is one of Matt Hawkin's creations. You can download him from Matt's website – Custom Paper Toys

Matt's model is my starting point for a swinging leg mechanism I was originally planning on creating my own but why would you when you can mechanise Andy Warhol! This'll be my fifteen minutes of fame 🙂 Once complete I'll be making the files available as a free-for-all download.

Matt's file was created in Illustrator, my drawing program of choice, so modifying it shouldn't be a problem. I'm planning to make the head into a wobbly bobble head and have the legs swing back and forth in alternate directions when the model is moved.

First step – the head. I'm added a hinge point right up at the top of the hair so that the head is free to swing. 

Inside the top of the head I've added this piece. It gives me a vertical surface and a flat edge that I can attach a hinge too.

I've also cut out the bottom of the head so that the new neck can pass up though the head to the top of the hair.

Next I added a really tall neck to the body, topped off with a paper hinge which will connect to the top of the head.

Finally, I glued the neck to the head top. The head is now free to swing back and forth. 

Andy Warhol bobble head! Next step – the leg swinging mechanism.