Spent the day looking after no. 1 son who is at home witrh a cold. Between time I've been doing the numbering for the reindeer model – I must think of a better way of doing the numbering, it really is rather dull. Anyway – mostly done, colouring to finish off then photography for the instructions. Ready soon.

I'm trying something of an experiment for the Reindeer and the next few models. I'll be releasing the full colour model complete with fully illustrated instructions and a gift cover like the one I've done for TMC. It'll also have a couple of other parts that I have yet to finalise. This will be available to download for the usual price of £2.50. At the same time – or perhaps a week later, not yet decided – I'll be releasing a mono version of the same model; outlines, score lines and the numbers and of course, full instructions. This version will be free.

I'm hoping that the free models will attract more people to the website where they will stay and look around. Hopefully people will download the mono models, enjoy them, and come back for the colour models either for themselves or to print out and give as gifts. That's the plan – lets see how it goes!

Comments? Questions? I'd love to hear what people think.