Yesterday I had over 1800 posts on my Instagram feed. Today, just over 600!

Last night Instagram sent a message to asking for me to confirm my account by filling in the 6 digit number that they texted me. We have no signal in our house so this involved a late night visit to the field. With the number entered, I posted my video about the frustum calculator. When I looked at my phone later on almost two-thirds of posts had disappeared!

I’ve filled in a support request with Instagram but the automated response said that they don’t look at all requests! I’m at a loss. I use my Instagram feed all the time, I use it to post videos which I then embed into blog posts and I use it to keep my followers up to date with projects that I’m working on. It has become a vital part of my work. I really, really need to be able to rely on it.

Please Instagram, please get this sorted!