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Thu, 26 Jan 2012

Michael42er has done it agan! This time he has created a mash-up of the Mechanical Gentleman and the Rack and Pinion projects. Nice work Michael!

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  • m.hengsbach January 26, 2012 at 9:23 pm

    Under Workshop / Mechanisms /

    Under Workshop / Mechanisms / Rack and Pinion I have already written to the comments and pictures uploaded. Here again the same.

    For the model "Rack & Pinion" there is little scope for applying a different model. The slider model from the "Mechanical Gentleman" is suitable.
    There are some small adjustments necessary:
    The pinion to reduce the diameter from 10 to 8 teeth.
    The underside of the slider is turned up, so that the cam is slightly lower.
    The rack of the slider extended.
    The lower body is usually glued directly to the base. In the video for demonstration only placed separately.
    About sense or nonsense is debatable known. It gave me just a joy to vary with the models.

    Here are some photos of the model. After a tip from "Chuck" I've given him back his left arm.


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