Membership and shop updates

Sat, 17 Apr 2010

As part of this weeks web work I'm updating the shop and the subscription system.

Subscriptions are being replaced by premium memberships. Membership will be available as a monthly package. For £3 a month, you'll receive free downloads and access to all sorts of interesting stuff. If you're an existing subscriber your subscription will run as usual until it expires then I hope that you'll move across to the new membership system.

Full details here…

I'm also changing the shop around. I'm splitting it into three parts.

The Shop: This will be the showcase for the six most recent models that I've produced. They'll be available for £3 each or free to premium members.

Collections: Existing models from the store grouped together in themes. For example, the Gears Collection contains the bevel gear, straight gear and rack & pinion models. These will be priced at £2 each per item contained – in the case of the Gears Collection for example – £6.

Warehouse: All the other models. Anything not new and not in a collection will be available from the warehouse for £2.50.

This'll all be happening over the next few days – I've got the database sorted so now it is just a case of updating some tags.

Hope you like the new plan!



Boxer Collection

Gears Collection

Logic Goats Collection

Paper Locksmith Collection