Here's a quick adaptation for you to try. It's a modified version of the snap up cube model from the other day. A couple of changes: firstly, you no longer need to cut, thread and tie the elastic band and secondly, the model has a tab to lock it flat. Once locked, drop it to the floor and it springs into a cube!

Print out the file from the end of this blog post onto heavy card. I used 280 micron and it worked well!

Score along all the dotted lines, cut out the holes with a sharp knife then carefully cut out the pieces with a pair of scissors. Exercise the score lines to ensure that they are free to move.

Glue the square piece onto the box side lining up the cut outs. This is simply to make the the base of the box double thickness and hence stronger. If your card is strong and inflexible you might not need to add this piece – experiment, see what works!

Glue the second tab onto the main tab to make it double thickness.

Glue the tab assembly onto the inside of the box side. Note that this is *not* the box side with the hole. Align the end of the of the tab assembly with the crease in the end of the box side.

Glue the two halves of the box together by gluing the tabs face to face. Pinch the parts together to make sure they are glued well.

Fold the box round and glue the other two tabs face to face.

Hook an elastic band over the two tabs.

Glue the four remaining tabs into place as shown above. You'll need to hold the cube flat until the glue is completely dry whilst at the same time making sure that the cube hasn't accidentally been glued flat. Tricky, but you can do it!

Once the glue is dry let the cube expand to its proper shape.

That's it. To set the snap up cube, push the shape flat then lift the tab into the notch as shown above. Once set, drop the cube, tab side down, onto a flat surface and the cube will spring up!

This would be a good starting point for some fun projects, make the cube into a character by adding arms, feet and eyes or use it to make a pop up advertising platform. Slip it into a greetings card and it works well as a pop up. (If you're using it as a pop up you can miss out the tab and the holes.)