Locking Cuboctahedron to download and make

Thu, 16 Sep 2010

Okay – this is a lockable version of the pop-up cuboctahedron model. Once it is complete, you can fold the model flat then lock it closed with a small tab. Once set, simply drop the shape onto a flat surface and it springs up. This'll be a great starting point for character models!

Download the file from the end of the post and print it out onto medium weight card. I used 280 micron card. Glue the base piece onto the centre of the body piece with the the matching key-hole line. This will make the base double thickness. Make sure that it is lined up accurately.

Glue the small tab onto the tab piece. Again, this is to make the part stronger by making it double thickness.

Glue the completed tab piece into the second body part so that it is lined up with the creases.

Fold the edges over as shown above.

Once the glue is dry on the bottom half, carefully cut out the hole with a sharp knife.

Fold in the edges in the same way as the other piece.

Glue the two halves together being careful that the shape is free to open and close properly. Notice how the tab lines up with the key-hole.

Mark out four small triangles with a pencil.

Cut out the four triangles.

Cut a long thin elastic band so that it is a single strand. Thread it through the four holes, pull it tight and tie it in a double knot. A pair of tweezers is very useful for this job!

That's it! Once the glue is completely dry, fold the model flat then lift the small tab up into the notch in the key hole as shown.

Now simply drop the shape onto a flat surface and it will pop up!

Next step, add some arms, feet and eyes to make it into a fold flat, pop up paper character! More tomorrow! What fun!

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  • Carol September 17, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    Oh,good, someone was just

    Oh,good, someone was just asking me if I knew how to do this!

  • miz September 17, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    I was looking for


    I was looking for something like this…! 

    Thanks, Rob! 🙂

    (it reminds me of Haruki Nakamura's works)


    I look forward to seeing your character done

    (sorry for my english…)


    PS: can I print it on cardboard?

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