Lever Zine – Free Download / Limited Edition

Sun, 18 Dec 2011

My second zine is done and ready to download for free at the link.

The instruction for construction are the same as for the Cam Zine. Blog post here and Video here.

While I am typing this I'm print out twenty copies as a special signed/numbered limited edition. If you would like to receive a copy simply make a donation of at least £2ukp / $3usd at the link above and let me know the address you'd like me to send it too. Hurry though, there are only  20  (All gone!) and the Cam Zines went fast! 

This zine is on the subject of levers.

It is packed with all sorts of illustrations and facts belied by its compact size!

The finished zine should be like this where black lines are cut lines, dotted lines are valley folds and dashed lines are hill folds.

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  • frankenpaper December 20, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    I just love these little

    I just love these little Zines! The way that a single sheet of paper turns into an 8 page pamphlet is so cool. I am so impressed at how you can give clear nuggets of basic physics between it's pages. Thank you!

    Thanks Frankenpaper – I’ve got a few more planned :-)- RI

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