legsI'm not sure how much I can say about this model. Some people are quite happy for me to discuss up coming projects, others like things to be kept secret. I haven't checked with this person so I'll keep it brief. I just wanted to point out the legs. They are just flat areas of colour but notice how the addition of a fine white line near the edges gives them a plasticy, shiny effect. Sometimes it only takes a hint, your brain does the rest!

As is often the case I'm working on one project whilst thinking about about two or three others – and doing a bit of website work (and ferrying kids and making the dinner but that's another story)

I've got a book project on the go – I'll have to find out how secret it needs to be so maybe more info soon. And of course, the raspberry project – which I'm quite excited about. I've been thinking about that a fair bit today. I reckon that the sound could, with a little tweaking, be made into a cat's purr. Bellows powered purring cat- could be fun! The current design only works with the airflow in one direction so it would only work as the bellows are compressed not as they are expanded but if I but a couple of raspers back to back it might well work on both directions of the bellows. Certainly worth a try.

Going for some card…