Leg Experiments

Sun, 6 Jul 2014

So I’ve got the Paper Bird outline done. I now need to add some movement to complete my tweeting bird project. I think I mentioned before, I’d like to be able to drive the beak and the wings using linkages hidden in the legs. Here goes.

I’m using pull straps rather than push rods as small pull straps are easier to make, you just need to cut a strip.

The leg has a knee in the middle, to transfer the pull round the corner I have made a small bell crank.

The bell crank fits inside the leg and the two connected tendons protrude out of each end of the leg.

And there it is fitted to the box top. It works a treat! Next step, make two, one leg to control the beak, the other for the wings.

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  • umehta July 8, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    It would be nice if the small

    It would be nice if the small bell crank is kept visible at the knee joint of the legs for us to see what is going on live.

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