For version three-ish of the intermittent drive mechanism I’ve basically turned the original box upside down. The stops are now seven millimetres high with a single stop on the inside of the lid. The vertical drive runs the full height of the box allowing it to be a loose fit whilst still being accurately lined up.

A base with a hole fits into the bottom of the box.

The drive shaft fits into the front of the box. It’s off center so that the two shafts don’t touch each other but it works well.

Here’s the finished thing, I’ll be putting together a download shortly so that you can use it for your own characters. Turn the handle and the vertical shaft rotates quater of a turn as a time.

After that I’ll be putting together a character using the mechanism. Perhaps I could modify the owl box model so that it has a round body and head, it can then keep an eye out for approaching rodents.


Speaking of rodents, Michael42er, having spotted the mechanism in a previous post has put together his own version of the mechanism using the Watch Mouse from a previous project, he has posted a YouTube video as well, nice work Michael!