Laser Cut Cupid Kit.

Sun, 16 Feb 2014

Packed and ready to ship anywhere on Earth: A new kit with all the laser cut parts to make your own Laser Cut Cupid. All you need to add is a little glue.
Follow the construction instructions on this page and make your very own wooden automata. Turn the handle and watch Cupid fly!
The kits is available for world wide delivery on the Etsy website.
Please allow a couple of days for dispatch as I’m making up these packs as they are ordered. Thanks!

Order your Laser Cut Cupid Kit here

The kit comes packed with three sheets of parts ready to pop out and make. Also included are the paper clips and magnets you’ll need to make the hinges and pushrod. Finally, the kit comes with all the wooden dowels needed to slot the parts together.
To make the model you will need some basic tools such as pliers for bending the paper clips and some glue. PVA and two part epoxy.

The Laser Cut Cupid is an open source model. If you have access to a laser cutter you are welcome to download the parts and make your own. License details are in the last paragraph of this post. PDF of Parts

For completeness I’ve also included the cover of the kit so that you can make up a finished pack to give to friends. You’ll just need to add the magnets. (four magnets each three millimtres cubed, eBay is a good place to find these.) You will need some dowel cut to length. (I have written a blog post about cutting dowel here) Finally you need some paper clips to use as push rods and linkages.
JPEG of cover


Like most of the models on this website the Laser Cut Cupid is released under Creative Commons. Put simply this is a kind of updated copyright.
The licence I use is the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike meaning:
BY: Attribution, you can make changes, modify the design or re-work it so long as you give me credit on your version
NC: Non Commercial. You can make as many as you like but you can’t sell them.
SA: Share Alike. You must apply the same licencse to any versions you make.


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  • phoenixg April 25, 2015 at 2:03 pm

    Hey, How you record the

    Hey, How you record the animation demo movie? as it is no hand, how you record it can move?

    It’s called stop motion animation. I set up a camera on a tripod pointing at the model then I take twelve pictures moving the handle round one twelfth of a turn between each picture. I then combine the pictures into one animation using PhotoShop- RI

  • michael42er December 9, 2015 at 5:20 pm

    Since the publishing of the

    Since the publishing of the "Cupid laser cut" models, I thought of the construction of this model. Unfortunately, I have found no one who performs this section works reasonably priced. The idea to build a paper / cardboard model is now realized. The pattern were used on the same scale. I used extra-thick cardboard for the side panels and the base plates. The gears and the pinion coming from the project: "Essential Mechanisms: Gear Box 2: 1". It works just fine, is effortless and very attractive. It has been a pleasure.


    .Cupid Montageteile

    Cupid becomes a paper automaton

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