Following on from yesterday's blog post, I put together a copy of the net that Smelter sent me and made it up and, yes, it was a cuboctahedron. The net is for a solid shape. Time to crack out the scalpel and make some modifications!

I put diagonal cuts across four of the square faces then carefully folded the model flat adding creases where they were needed. Once I had a rough model made I could then work out a new net shape. Two identical halves, the file is available for members to download at the end of this post. Here's how you put the parts together…

Score the dotted lines on the two parts then cut them. Exercise the creases to ensure they are flexible.

Fold them over so that they are like the picture above. 

Carefully glue the two parts together.  Make sure that the front and back are glued only on the tabs so that the model is free to open and close.

With the glue dry the model will fold flat or expand into a cuboctahedron.  Now I just need to work out where to add an elastic band.