I've finished the parts and photography for the Super Snooper Spy Ears. Just need to upload the files and write the instructions. Should be ready very soon. The first word that comes to mind when I see them is 'Unobtrusive" (The next word, for clarity, is 'Not')

A minor disaster on the FaceBook front, I've just upgraded my page from a personal page to a full blown Artist page. This option gives me better feedback and traffic information. Anyway, despite the promise that all pictures would be kept and I'd only loose personal messages I seem to have wiped my FaceBook profile clean. At least I still have all my contacts! Ah well, it won't be long before it is filling up again.

Talking of my FaceBook page, I posted this quick teaser picture with the heading "Hello"

Can you guess what it is?

Both Smelter and Cagri guessed correctly. It is, in fact, an experiment in sound recording.

I recorded myself saying "Hello" (You noticed the quote marks in the title right?)

Once done I took a screen grab of the wave form.

Traced it in Illustrator…

…and wrapped it round a circle. I then printed it out onto double thickness card and cut it out as accurately as possible.

I'm now working on the read-head which will be connected to a paper horn. This project is actually why I've been making paper horns, it was just that I got a little distracted – fancy that happening!

I'm really not sure if this will work but I'll certainly give it my best shot. It is certainly and interesting experiment if nothing else.

PS Did you see the Phono-Horn I posted on the Instructables website? It got 50k views in the first two days it was on line! Thanks everyone!