Today has been about paper millenary. The hat for the cowboy is basically a slice taken from a cone with a top and brim added. So how to work out the shape of the part that would curve round and taper appropriately? I seemed to remember that a section of a cone was called a frustum so I looked on line to see if I could find a frustum calculator. Those of you with actual working memories will probably have already guessed that this took me to a page on this very site. It seems I have already solved this particular problem!

Check out this page where you will find a spreadsheet ready to download.

The details on usage are on that page so I’m not going to go into details here. Suffice to say, I’ll be adding a How-To section on the site with links to all this sort of useful tip. It’s not the first time I’ve searched google only to find the solution to my problem on my own site. I must be getting old :-/