I'm in the process of setting up a studio corner in #TheShed so hopefully this will be the last time I'm using the dining room table for photography purposes. That will please #Truelove so no bad thing.

I'm trying out continuous lighting rather that the usual flash heads so that I can make a video showing how the model is put together as well as the regular still photographs.
Each of the three light heads has these five flourescent 80W tubes which are balanced to daylight. The light from them is really bright, I'll have to crack them out next time seasonal affective disorder sets in.


I've videoed myself making each stage of the model and then made another model to do the still photography. I'll be editing the video together next then writing out the instructions for the website.

The upshot of making film and video and having a prototype is that I now have a small pack of three guard dogs. I'd better start looking for a home for two of them before they start falling out with each other vicious beasts that they are.

Give a Guard Dog a Home

If you have the dog taming powers and the pack leader qualities to take on one of these cardboard canines please leave your name in the comments below. After a week or so I'll draw a couple of lucky names out of the hat of destiny then post out the dogs with my thanks and compliments. (This give-away is only for paid members of the site, thanks for signing up!)