Printing your projects out on high quality gloss board certainly does make them look great!

The problem is that the gloss surface is waterproof so water based glues such as PVA have a hard time sticking your models together. This was the problem I faced making models at Iggesund printed on their high quality Incada board. 

One solution is to give the glue plenty of time to dry, clothes pegs help by keeping everything in place and applying a little pressure.

But for a quick result you can't beat double sided sticky tape. No mess, no fuss and instant gluing!

I've used 6mm wide tape here. This 50 metre roll will last me ages and was only a few pounds from our local craft supplier.

Line up a length across the glue area and trim it to size. 

Peel off the brown backing paper to reveal the second glued side of the tape.

Firmly rub the two pieces to be joined together sandwiching the double sided tape in the middle and making a surprisingly strong bond. 

Repeat with all the other joints. You can even use the double sided tape to glue on accessories such as arms and eyes.