I’ve been putting together a Flexiphant for good friend #crowsnestdave. He wanted a festive elephant as befitting the time of year. I thought pink snowflakes would be good. The original snowflake pattern file had no pink page so I’ve added an extra sheet to the member’s file. Re-download it and you can join in the fun at home!

I printed out three sheets of pink snow flake pattern. One of the sheets I printed both front and back.

I then opened up the Flexiphant file and cued up the line drawing version. (pages 5-7) I printed the trunk page onto the double sided card and the others onto the remaining two pieces. I also printed out the legs page onto a sheet of white paper – all will become clear in the next step.

Following the instructions on the Flexiphant page I put the pieces together.

At this point I cut out the toe-nails from the white paper and glued them into place over the printed versions on the legs.

The tusks I simply flipped over and glued on backwards so that they were white.

I added a pair of white eyes cut from an offcut and finished off with appropriate black dots.

And there you have it. It’s all boxed up and in the post. Should be there in plenty of time for Christmas.

Bah humbug. 😉