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Egg - A simple template to download and make.


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egg.pdf (248.93 KB)
eggbox.pdf (252.78 KB)

Here's a quick an easy egg template for members to download and make in plenty of time for Easter.

Print out the parts onto a sheet of thin card. (230 micron / 230 gsm) Score along the dotted lines and cut out the parts. Carefully glue the two halves together. 

Start by joining together the two halves at one tab.

Then complete the model. 

I've also included a template of an openable egg shaped box. to keep your mini eggs in.

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Excellent timing Rob.
I had started work on designing a geodesic rock for the Dragonfly to sit on.
Looks like you've done most of the work for me.


Nice idea Smelter. Don't forget to take photos!


If you glue this together inside out, the fold lines don't show, in other words, reverse the folding directions.


i cant see any template for me to download =/


Valenlim, you need to sign in, as this is a members only download, then you add to the shopping cart and go to the checkout, from where you go to your account where you will find it amongst your files.



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