I've modified the experimental paper horn project so that it can play the Edison Strips I mentioned in the previous post. I've added a small piece of stiff card to the end of the read head.

Then added some side pieces to the read head to keep everything in place.

This base piece is constructed with a groove just the correct width for the Edison strip.

The base fits into place so that the Edison strip can run through the groove with the textured surface of the Edison strip touching against the stiff card end on the read head.

The Edison strip fits into place.

When the strip is pulled though at a steady speed it plays back the sound loud and clear! Click on the link below to hear how the "Merry Christmas" strip sounds. Festive greetings everyone!

*Note* The audio player is working in Google Chrome but not in Firefox. Here’s a Direct Link to the mp3 file, download it and have a listen!