I present above, the proposed layout for and Edison Strip reader: 

I've added this long tube on the back of the read head. It transfers the centre of gravity of the horn so that it is over the box, that way the finished project doesn't fall over!

The read head is a slight cheat. A paper read head wore out very quickly. I've replaced it with a small piece of plastic, in this case from the edging of a pack of paracetamol. (Translation for US: Edge of a Tylenol blister pack?)

The lower part of the box has this groove in it where the strip locates

Here it is all put together. Thread the strip into the reader from the back. Pull the strip through to hear the recording. 

I'll be putting together a download shortly, probably for member's only. Meanwhile the Edison strips are available from a few sources:

AstoMedia Germany

AstroMedia UK

Grand Illusions in the US

Thanks, Mr Cool, for the links