Back to the Eagle project. I’ve worked out the Geneva part of the mechanism and how it will drive the Scotch yoke. I’ve also worked out the design for the rack and pinion. My next step is to link the Scotch Yoke to the rack and pinion so completing the drive chain. You can see in this picture that the rack is connected to the Yoke and is moved back and forth with the yoke as the crank is turned.

Viewed from above you can see that the rack is floating free and is joined to the yoke only by the ends. This allows it to be threaded through the box containing the pinion. I’m not sure if I will be keeping this layout or whether I’ll be holding the pinion wheel into place in a different way.

From the end you can see the pinion wheel in place against the rack. The vertical shaft will be used to mount he Eagle’s head once the mechanism is completed.

The Geneva drive fits on the outside back of the box. It will divide the movement by four . Next step is to finalise the layout of the parts and try to fit them into a box as simply/elegantly as possible.