You will, I’m sure, remember the "eating dog" model at the end of the Cam Box project here. Time to bring it to life. Having modified the cam box slightly I’ve put together a more complete version of the soon-to-be Dog’s Dinner model.

The dog’s rear feet are attached to the top of the box, the rest of the body is free to move up and down. Inside the box is a three lobed which drives the dog making it move enthusiastically in its bowl.

Having made the prototype by cutting and sticking parts free-hand, it is now time to transfer the design to the computer. This part always makes me nervous. What if it never goes back together properly!? Anyway, there’s only one way to do it so I cut up all the parts and put them in the scanner.

Phew! Here are all the parts recreated on the computer and put together. It works a treat. Nom nom nom! Colour next then a new project for the website 🙂