Early stage prototype – turn the handle and the head flips back and forth twice for each turn of the handle. The motion looks good! I need to add a body and legs.

I've had loads of downloads for the new Reindeer model – obviously the free model has out numbered the paid one but I've been pleased with the number of people who have chosen to buy. Thanks!

I still have a lot of work to do on the website. I really need to sort out the front page perhaps add a rolling 'what's new' section and I have to get all the downloadables uploaded to the shop.

I've been looking round the Instructables website. I'm pretty sure they must have some full time web people working on it, but really, it is fantastic! Everything fits together so neatly, the interface is beautifully simple and it just works. That's what I should be aiming at. Perhaps I could clone myself…